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This Is Not A Drill

1 x 60’ Documentary - Flicker Productions

Avid Offline. Currently editing.

Director: Tom Dalzell, Executive Producer: Colleen Flynn

Kelsey Parker: Life After Tom

1 x 60’ Observational Documentary - Flicker Productions/ITV Be

Avid Offline. Documentary following Kelsey Parker as she negotiates and navigates life after the death of her husband, Tom Parker.
Series Director: Rosie Wilcox, Executive Producer: Colleen Flynn

Celebrity Hunted

1 x 60’ Observational Documentary - Shine/Channel 4
Avid Offline. Going off-grid is now a near impossible task, where it’s plausible to be caught on CCTV up to seventy times a day. Celebrities explore what it’s like to go underground in a society where we are tracked, monitored and watched more than ever before.
Series Editor: David Sutton, Executive Producer: Tom Hutchings

Finding The Cornish Dream

1 x 60’ Observational Documentary - Flicker Productions/Channel 4

Avid Offline. Documentary following estate agents as they sell gorgeous properties in the Cornwall area.

Series Director: Caroline O’Neill, Executive Producer: Colleen Flynn

Embarrassing Bodies

2 x 60’ Factual Entertainment - Maverick Television/E4
Avid Offline. The Embarrassing Bodies clinic is open for business, with Doctors uncovering the nation’s toe-curling conditions.

Executive Producer: Matt J Smith

SAS: Who Dares Wins

1 x 60’ Specialist Factual - Minnow Films/Channel 4
Avid Offline. A team of ex-Special Forces soldiers recreate the SAS's secret selection process and put recruits through it, in the ultimate test of their physical and psychological resilience.
Series Edit Director: Emma Barron, Executive Producers: Sophie Leonard, Jo Hughes, Alicia Kerr

All That Glitters: Britain’s Next Jewellery Star

1 x 60’ Factual Entertainment - Twenty Twenty/BBC Two
Avid Offline. Eight talented jewellers bring the bling as they compete in challenges to win the title of Britain’s next jewellery star.
Series Edit Producer: Jon Hanney, Executive Producer: Amanda Westwood


Walk The Line

VT Inserts - Reality Entertainment - ITV/ITV1
Avid Offline. Musical game show that sees five acts compete to win half a million pounds.

Series Producer: Lucy Palmer, Executive Producer: Lee McNicholas


The Voice UK

1 x 60’ Reality Entertainment - ITV/ITV1
Avid Offline (VT Inserts & performance cutdowns). Four stellar celebrity judges search for the UK’s next great voice.

Series Producer: Leo Holden, Executive Producer: Louise Walls

The Drop 

1 x 60’ Factual Entertainment - Renowned Films/BBC Three

Avid Offline. Britain’s up and coming creatives compete against each other to get their own streetwear brand from their  bedroom to the global market. 

Series Producer: Matt J Smith, Executive Producer: Kate Maddigan  

The Big Breakfast 

VT Inserts- Factual Entertainment - Lifted Entertainment/Channel 4

Avid Offline. The anarchic 90s morning TV show returns for a one-off episode, fronted by Mo Gilligan and AJ Odudu, as part  of Channel 4’s Black to Front diversity initiative. 

Series Producer: Rina Dayalji, Executive Producer: Luke McFarlane  

Food Unwrapped 

1 x 60’ Factual Entertainment - Ricochet/Channel 4 

Avid Offline. Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbut present the food and science series that travels the world to lift the lid on what’s really in the food we eat. 

Series Producer: George Harris 

The Rap Game

1 x 60’ Observational Documentary - Naked Entertainment/BBC3

Avid Offline. Joined by their managers in a residential recording studio, up and coming grime musicians – each of whom  already has a major following online – must spin their own life stories into hooks and bars, trying to catch the attention of  grime’s most influential stars in the process. 

Series Edit Producer: Lucy Palmer, Executive Producer: Tom O’Brien  


Coronation Street: 60 Unforgettable Years

1 x 90’ Documentary - ITV/ITV1
Avid Offline & Grade (Senior Editor).

Featuring a whole host of Coronation Street stars past and present, this special explores the legacy of the world's longest-running soap opera.
Senior Edit Producer: Matt Taylor, Executive Producers: Noleen Golding & Sue Walton

Piers And The President

1 x 45’ Current Affairs Special - ITV/ITV1
Avid Offline & Grade. Piers Morgan meets Donald Trump for an exclusive interview during his state visit to the UK. Putting their friendship aside, the two men get down to brass tacks in the Churchill War Rooms to discuss the president's views on subjects including American gun laws, climate change, Brexit and Meghan and Harry.
Producer: Winnie Nelson

This Morning: 30 Unforgettable Years

1 x 90’ Documentary - ITV/ITV1
Avid Offline (additional editing). A look back over the first three decades of one of Britain's most popular daytime shows, narrated by Joanna Lumley.
Director: Martin Harper, Executive Producers: Noleen Golding & Sue Walton

President Trump: The Piers Morgan Interview

1 x 30’ Current Affairs Special - ITV/ITV1
Avid Offline. The billionaire TV star turned leader of the free world speaks exclusively to Piers Morgan about his controversial views.
Producer: Liz Bloor

John & Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen

2 x 60’ Cookery Entertainment - ITV/ITV1

Avid Offline. Celebrity chef Lisa Faulker and `MasterChef' star John Torode open up their kitchen to create exciting new

dishes and inspire cooks of all levels with easy-to-follow recipes.

Series Producer: Charlie Stirling, Executive Producers: Noleen Golding & Sue Walton

The Get Down x Bronx Tales

1 x 60’ Documentary - Channel 4/Netflix
Avid Online. A series of documentaries examining how hip-hop inspired a generation of urban artists. Featuring interviews with Dizzee Rascal, Grandmaster Flash, Lady Leshurr, Megaman, Akala, Big Narstie and more.
Director: Andy Mundy-Castle, Producer: Audrey Davenport

Olly Murs: A Day In The Life

1 x 60’ Music Entertainment Universal Music/Channel 4 Music

Avid Online (additional editing). A look into the typical day in the life of music star Olly Murs.
Director: Chris Davies, Executive Producer: Felicity Counsell

Kerrang! Meets... ‘Biffy Clyro’, ‘Sum 41’ & ‘Panic! At The Disco’

3 x 30’ Music Entertainment Kerrang TV!/Channel 4 Music
Avid Offline (additional editing). The latest interviews with some of the best music icons to find out all about their music careers.
Executive Producer: Felicity Counsell

The UK Music Video Chart

1 x 60’ Music Entertainment Universal Music/Channel 4 Music

Avid Offline (additional editing). The weekly countdown of the UK’s top songs and music videos.

Executive Producer: Felicity Counsell

Good Morning Britain

VT Inserts – Factual Entertainment ITV/ITV1

Avid Offline. Breakfast show discussing the most recent news and media topics.

Head of Post Production: Nick Thomas

This Morning

VT Inserts - Magazine Show ITV/ITV1
Avid Offline. Daily magazine show with celebrity guests, entertainment, advice, competitions and features.

Producer: Martin Harper

Years & Years

1 x 30’ Music Entertainment Universal Music/Channel 4 Music
Avid Offline & Grade. Music entertainment special featuring performances and interviews with acclaimed group Years and Years.
Director: Joseph Cooper, Producer: Felicity Counsell

Hangout: ‘Robbie Williams’, ‘Craig David’, ‘Selina Gomez’ & ‘Megan Trainor’

4 x 60’ Music Entertainment Universal Music/Channel 4 Music

Avid Offline. Interviews, video drops and performances from trending artists from across the globe.

Director: Joseph Cooper, Producer: Felicity Counsell

Pop Sludge

1 x 30 Comedy Sketch Show Channel 4 Music
Avid Offline. Pop Sludge takes aim at everyone in the world of pop and celebrity - from Pitbull and YouTubers, to fandoms, Pitbull, socialites, Instagrammers and... did we mention Pitbull?
Director: Chris Davies, Producer: James Bugg

Suicide Club

1 x 90’ Feature Film Proportion Productions

Avid Offline. A young girl gets caught up in a deadly game of life and death.
Producers: Rebecca Matthews & Scott Jeffery


1 x 30 Comedy Drama EBBS Productions
Avid Offline & Grade. An up-and-coming Youtuber is made an offer she can’t refuse by a struggling drinks company. An upbeat comedy with more than a few sharp edges.
Director: David Spring, Producer: Ajo Kacmar

The Change

1 x 20 Drama Inspired Media
Avid Offline. A woman on the verge of menopause investigates "The Change", never realizing that she's about to uncover a global conspiracy. Starring Terri Dwyer.
Director: Janet Wells, Producer: Neil Chorida

Dua Lipa: ‘New Love’

1 x 4’ Music Promo

Avid Offline.

Producer/Director: Chris Davies

Highly Suspect: ‘Seratonia’

1 x 4 Music Promo

Avid Offline & Grade.

Director: Joseph Cooper, Producer: Felicity Counsell

Lifestyle: ‘NYE’

1 x 4 Music Promo

Avid Offline.

Director: Jak Payne, Producer: Sharp Payne

Chi Chi: ‘Sisters’

1 x 4 Music Promo

Avid Offline & Grade.

Director: Pavlos Stamatis

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